The Segmint Data Services API allows you to easily access cleansed customer transaction data, customer insights and marketing performance data from the Segmint Platform.

With the Segmint Data Services API, you can build solutions that deliver innovative data-driven customer-facing interfaces and personalized customer experiences.

Customize OLB tools with user-friendly transaction descriptions and category names that customers will easily recognize.

Provide relationship managers with insights about customer’s held-away assets or the competing institutions to which they choose to send payments.

Use standardized, normalized customer data tags to build predictive, attrition and fraud detection models.

Obtain clean merchant transaction descriptions for customer spend analysis and build card rewards programs that actually incentivize your customers.

Segmint Product Offerings

This can all be accomplished with Segmint’s unique product offering. The data available and the endpoints applicable to your institution is driven by the product offering(s) you are using.

Merchant Identification & Classification

Transaction Payee descriptions are often cryptic and non-descriptive of the actual merchant or institution receiving payment. Segmint adds value by cleansing the transaction data, identifying the merchant/FI and providing classification of the transaction to help the FI understand their customers' preferred merchants, which competing institutions their customers make payments to, who they receive from, and more. Via Segmint's secure data service, transaction data is received and analysis is performed to produce cleansed, enhanced transaction data.

Applicable Set of Endpoints

Merchant Post transaction data and receive scrubbed merchant name and classifications

Customer Insights

Visualization & Data Services

The Segmint Customer Insights product transforms a Financial Institution's anonymized customer data into simple, intuitive insights. Segmint unifies an institutions disparate data sources and assigns insights we call Key Lifestyle Indicators® (KLIs®). These insights describe the unique financial behaviors of each customer, their spend patterns, and activity with competing institutions. Each customer is assigned one or more KLI. As new customer data is received, insights update to better describe the customer. Via Segmint's secure data service, FIs can retrieve customer insights to drive innovation and build customer facing solutions.

Applicable Set of Endpoints

KLI (Insights) Retrieve details about the KLIs insights assigned to your customers

UCIC (Customer) Retrieve lists of insights assigned to a single or group of customers

Insight Driven Marketing

Personalized Communication Solution

Segmint’s Marketing Platform uses customer insights (KLIs) to deliver targeted and personalized messages to FI customers. This all-in-one platform provides customer insights, campaign management, multichannel message delivery and a reporting tool to measure the success of marketing messages. Marketing performance data, including the goals achieved as a result of marketing efforts and click data, can be accessed via Segmint’s extensive set of API endpoints.

Applicable Set of Endpoints

KLI (Insights) Retrieve details about the KLIs insights assigned to your customers

UCIC (Customer) Retrieve lists of insights assigned to a single or group of customer and the influences (product openings) achieved by your customers

Clicks Retrieve a list of customers that clicked on messages (ads) served to them. Pull all click data or filter click data based on the campaign goal or click date.

Influences (Product Opening) Retrieve details about the influences (product openings) achieved by your a single or group of customers

Impression (Ad Served) Retrieve details about the impressions that were served to influence the customer to open the product